July 13, 2024


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4 Ways How joint custody can work for you

Joint custody means that both parents take a turn and are responsible for raising their kids. The joint custody will depend on the child custody order. A custody order will grant you different times to take turns in your children’s lives, like the days to attend to your children and the number of hours.

Courts will have different schedules for both of you, but there are several ways you can make joint custody be a success in your kids’ life. Divorce attorney Fort Worth hasfour tips layered out properly to make collaborative custody work.

  1. Have a customized custody plan

Having a reliable schedule to look after kids after a divorce can be daunting. Parents with a family business or work together are advantaged as they can have a flexible schedule. Considering the children’s wants and your program, both parents can create a customized custody plan that fits every person. 

You can have options that work while considering the various households and their schedules. Such plans like: 

  • 2-2-3 Plan: you can customize depending on the days of the week. In this Plan, you can have your children with you on Mon and Tues, then Wed and Thursday to the other partner, from Friday through Sunday you can have the children over at your place.
  • 2-2-2-1 Plan: from this Plan, one parent can have the child alternating after every two days. On the last day of the week, either parent can have the child.

While somebody can customize different plans to have children over, it is essential to have one that suits every spouse and children involved.

  1. Include better ways to communicate

Good communication is key in every environment. Joint custody also requires better communication, especially with the kids. You should seek a better and faster way to communicate with the other parent on schedules. 

For example, one can use Outlook calendar and set up various activities with the children and share it with the other parent. Syncing and sharing the calendar will ensure no action is missed regarding the children.

  1. Listen and talk to your children

Every parent should head to their kid’s needs and demands so they feel secure and heard. If your child doesn’t feel okay with the court’s schedule demands, the divorce attorney Fort Worth can have the issues mended and make every party happy.

It is crucial for parents with older children that their input is considered when making joint custody arrangements.

  1. Make decisions together

Shared custody means raising the kids together. Big decisions that contribute much to the kid’s growth should be made together if possible. Such significant decisions involve the schools to attend, medical needs, religion, etc.

If you fail to reach an agreement, reach out to the Law Office of William D. Pruette or a mediator to help make such vital decisions. 

For further questions on joint custody and how to go about it, contact the Law Office of William D. Pruette, Divorce Attorney Fort Worth, Tx, and learn more about shared parenting.