June 21, 2024


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Ana Navarro learns the hard way NOT to throw rocks at ANYONE’S appearance from her large glass house – twitchy.com

Does nobody tell Ana Navarro that attacking the appearance of another woman is really a weak, lame, and sad way for a grown woman to behave? Hey, if she has a problem with Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ideas, policies, etc. that’s one thing, but a nasty and quite frankly lazy dig at her appearance?

C’mon, be better.

Remember when she went after the way Tiffany Trump’s wedding line looked? She’s just really unpleasant.

Petty shrew Ana might want to avoid insulting the way other women look. Not to be mean but … well, this did not go well for her, like at all. Seems people don’t think someone living in a rather large glass house should throw rocks.


Even people who aren’t necessarily fans of MTG chimed in.

And then it just got … well, vicious.

True story.

Thinking it’s a natural state for her.


Oh yeah.

Petty heffa …

We know we shouldn’t laugh at that but we SO TOTALLY DID.

Just trying to be helpful and stuff.

If that’s all Ana’s got, she’s obviously nothing more than a mean girl. But we all knew that.



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