September 22, 2023


The Legal System

Biden says you hired him to get things done and hopes he’s made you proud –

Biden says you hired him to get things done and hopes he’s made you proud –

The Biden White House seems to actually believe they’ve brought about the best economy in decades (if not more), and it shows:

Pass the popcorn:

Asking for a ratio, and getting it!

This administration’s penchant for unintentional humor is unmatched.

Apparently the economic weather inside the bubble remains pleasant.

Many of the people who get paid to say what a great president Biden is showed up in the replies, but in the real world things are a little different.

And when does the “inflation reduction” part of the Inflation Reduction Act kick in?

Next up the White House will be bragging about how they brought down financial obesity rates and now our bank accounts are lighter and healthier.

Hey, everybody’s got a different definition of “great,” right?

It is a joke except whoever tweeted that from the POTUS account isn’t in on it apparently.



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