July 24, 2024


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Car Accident Lawyer, Salt Lake City

Car Accident Lawyer Salt Lake City Utah | Auto Accident Attorney

There are different types of factors that influence car accidents, sometimes they are due to defects on the road or the error of some other driver. The fact is that in the state of Utah these happen very often, most of them will require some legal process.

Luckily for citizens who unfortunately find themselves in this situation, they can make contact in Salt Lake City with a car accident lawyer, so that they can explain the situation they are in and can clearly see who the culprits are and obtain a fair compensation.

Type of car accidents that are normally handled by Fielding Law

These types of accidents can happen in the least expected place and at any time from a wide variety of uncontrollable situations. The following types of accidents tend to happen the most and are handled by the Fielding Law firm:

  • Single Vehicle Accident: These accidents involve a single vehicle, as the name suggests, and tend to be caused by an animal, road debris, rollovers, or parked vehicles.
  • Rear collision: This is explained when a vehicle hits you directly at the rear of another vehicle. This can be caused by road conditions, driver distraction or miscalculation of the distance of the other vehicle while driving.
  • Rollover: This type of accident is one of the most traumatic for every driver and passenger, in addition to causing serious injuries. They usually happen due to the deteriorated conditions of some roads, risky maneuvers, alcohol, or some substance, or speeding.
  • Frontal collision: It is when two vehicles are facing each other from opposite directions, the result of this type of accident tends to be tragic, since it usually ends in one or more of the passengers dying. Watching for traffic signs, being careful when passing on a two-lane highway, and staying in the proper lane can help prevent these accidents from happening.
  • Side impact collision: Tends to occur when one of the vehicles hits the side of the other vehicle. They commonly happen in parking lots or intersections, where drivers misjudge the distance when turning.

How to prove the guilt of the other driver?

In order to file a claim for the car accident, and be successful at the end of the process, it must be shown that the accident occurred through the negligence of the other driver. In order to prove the fault of the other driver, the following elements must be taken into account:

  • Safety duty commitment: Like every driver on a public road, they must be aware that they must act in a way that does not affect the safety of other vehicles passing on the road.
  • Breach of duty: The driver did not act reasonably in the situation that arose and put the safety of other drivers at risk.
  • Causes: The victim must prove that the driver’s actions caused the accident.
  • Damages caused: The victim has to specify the damages caused in the accident are in the form of injury and monetary loss.