June 13, 2024


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David French’s #TwitterFiles take SO embarrassingly bad even Elon Musk responds and OUCH – twitchy.com

David French’s #TwitterFiles take SO embarrassingly bad even Elon Musk responds and OUCH – twitchy.com

Leave it to David French to really and TRULY have one of the worst takes on Twitter. It’s almost like a gift this guy has.

To be fair, French isn’t the only turnip out there trying to spin the Hunter Biden story into some sort of nothing burger that somehow justifies what Twitter did by suppressing such a huge story and possibly influencing an election by doing so BUT still …

Suppose we should just be glad he’s not blaming the evangelicals for something this time around.

Take a gander at this dumpster fire:


Does French really think this story is about Twitter deleting pornographic images? REALLY?!


The pretzels these people will spin themselves into to avoid admitting THEY WERE WRONG to support Biden because Trump was a big mean orange guy. Does he really expect anyone to believe Team Biden had ZERO connection to the government? What about Harris? You know, a sitting senator? DNC?

Just admit this was eff’d up because it WAS. Twitter knowingly worked with a campaign to suppress a story and protect Biden. You’d think people so concerned about ‘protecting our democracy’ would understand how bad this really is.

Or not.

Of course, they are. If they accept there was a scandal then either they have to admit they were conned OR they knew and helped suppress the story. Neither is a good look for people who think they’re smarter and better than the rest of us.

Even Elon Musk responded to this one.

To be fair though, it’s not like French has a whole lot of credibility left anyway.

What she said.

Fair point.

He’s just so damn annoying.


That’s EXACTLY what he sounds like.

What they ALL sound like.

Nailed it.



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