May 28, 2024


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Deputy FM In Moscow: Iran, Russia Designed Mechanisms For Closer Ties

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani praises growing ties with Russia on the regional stage, saying Tehran and Moscow reached an agreement on new mechanisms and formats to further deepen their relations during recent talks

Speaking to reporters, Bagheri Kani explained the agenda of his visit to Moscow and said during his talks, the Iranian and Russian sides reviewed the status of their ties in the past several months and assessed the current situation of the relations.

“Based on that, we designed mechanisms and frameworks in order to advance our relations,” he said.

Iran-Russia ties, he added, are not restricted to the counter-terrorism fight in Syria, but the two have had good cooperation in the restive Caucasus region as well, he said.

The deputy foreign minister referred to Iran’s initiative to add Russia to meetings of Afghanistan’s neighbors, saying efforts to build security in Afghanistan constitute another ground for Tehran-Moscow cooperation.

Interactions with neighbors “will both create a platform for the development of relations and strengthen ties in various fields, especially economy,” he said.

“This can provide strong support to the establishment of regional stability and security as well as a basis for the development and welfare of the country (Iran) and its people.”