June 25, 2024


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Do You Need an Attorney After Your Truck Accident?

10 Things a Truck Accident Lawyer Should Bring to Your Case

Ever heard the expression “I feel like I’ve gotten ran over by a truck”? There’s a reason people say that. They don’t use a car in that phrase because car accidents are quite common. Nearly anyone who knows how to drive has been involved in a fender bender or has been rear-ended by another car at least once. 

Since trucks are usually so big, it’s very rare to get into a ‘small’ accident with them, write the case off as a minor inconvenience and then continue with your day. Pursuing a claim for compensation by yourself can prove incredibly tricky, therefore a lawyer for truck accidents may be someone you need, below are a few reasons to consider hiring a lawyer. 

They’ll help ensure you don’t say the wrong things

When a truck accident results in expensive damages, there’s a high chance you’ll get many phone calls from insurance companies. The main thing these companies want is more details about the accident. This can be very stressful, especially if you think you’re going to say something that’ll make the accident seem like it was your fault. 

In fact, good insurance adjusters will purposefully get you to make wrong statements when you didn’t know what just happened. It’s even way more stressful if at the time you’re dealing with a severe injury and the cost that comes with it. If you use a truck accident attorney, people calling you can be directed to them. 

They know how to recover non-economic damages 

There’s a high chance the insurance company involved will try to give a settlement package big enough to settle all the medical costs linked to the accident. You shouldn’t sign it. The losses you incur from the accident could end up being way bigger and more comprehensive than just the medical bills, even if you already owe hundreds of thousands. 

Filing a truck accident claim might enable you to recover damages incurred from lost income that came about when you couldn’t work because of the accident. If you still can’t work even when your case goes or by the time you settle, there’s a chance you can get compensation for the income you’ll lose in the future as well. 

Many different parties could be responsible 

One of the reasons why truck accidents are so different from other minor traffic infringements is the fact that there could be many different parties responsible for your injuries. In car-to-car accidents, the other driver is usually the only other party who’s liable. But, in truck accidents, a government entity, contractor, truck manufacturer, trucking company, or the driver could all be held liable. 

You won’t be able to find out all the parties that are liable for the injuries by yourself. If you ignore one entity, you could lose the chance to get compensation if the statute of limitations expires. 


Unlike car accidents where you can go about filing a claim by yourself, truck accidents may require you to seek the assistance of an attorney if you want to get what you truly and rightfully deserve.