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Dogs Just Got to Have Fun! – UncommonThought

Dogs Just Got to Have Fun! – UncommonThought

2 December

[Photo: From a tweet [email protected]]

By Rowan Wolf

This requires no comment. This dog is truly a tool user! She gives dogsled a whole new meaning.



Rowan Wolf, PhD

rowanbeach-thumb-220x328-436I am a sociologist, writer and activist with life long engagement in social justice, peace, environmental, and animal rights movements. My research and writing include issues of imperialism, oppression, global capitalism, peak resources, global warming, and environmental degradation. I taught sociology for twenty-two years, was a member of the City of Portland’s Peak Oil Task Force, and maintain my own site Uncommon Thought Journal. I may be reached by email at [email protected]monthought.com. On a personal note, I am also a survivor of pulmonary hypertension by the gift of a donor’s lungs in 2011. I do my best to honor that gift by trying to be my best self and give to the world what small gifts I have. Among those is a deep passion for life, and the lives of all those with whom I share the planet.

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