May 29, 2024


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Do’s and Don’ts in the event of a truck accident

Semi Truck Accident Case Do's and Don'ts - Cochran Law

Avoid driving in the truck’s blind spots to the maximum extent possible.. There are blind spots on both sides of big rigs where the driver won’t be able to see your automobile because it will “disappear.” If at all feasible, pass trucks on the left rather than the right, because the blind spot is less.

Keep an eye out for the brakes. Make sure you’re aware of the truck’s brake lights and signals when driving next to it on the highway.

Avoid getting too near to a tractor-trailer when driving behind it. If you’re behind a large truck, give yourself plenty of room in front of you. The truck driver’s blind spot is located behind the trailer. Side view mirrors are a good indicator of whether or not the driver is aware of your presence.

You shouldn’t be frightened if a truck driver follows you closely. Tractor trailers are required by law to keep a space of 400 feet between themselves and the vehicle in front of them. Due to the rarity of this occurrence, trucks frequently drive over or push cars off the road. If a tractor-trailer is close behind you, you should slow down. If a vehicle in front of you suddenly comes to a halt, suffers a tire blowout, or loses control, you have a buffer to protect yourself.

The last thing you want to do is cut in front of an oncoming vehicle, particularly a large truck. Semi-trucks necessitate a wider braking distance. It’s quite dangerous to force a large vehicle to come to a sudden halt.

The “squeeze play” should be on your radar. Semi truck drivers must make a wide left turn in order to make a right turn. When making wide right turns, truck drivers are unable to see smaller vehicles directly behind or behind them. It is possible to get “squeezed” between a truck and a curb and injure yourself.

Approaching ramps with caution is advised. Trying to slow or stop a 70-ton truck takes time and effort. Incoming commercial trucks should be given enough of room, so be sure to give them plenty of room.

Additional caution should be taken when passing a large truck. After passing a huge vehicle, wait until you can see its headlights in your rearview mirror before returning to the main lane. If something unexpected happens on the road ahead, the truck driver has the option of slowing down or stopping.

When it’s dark and the weather is severe, you should take extra measures. Everyone on the road should exercise extra caution, slow down, and become more alert when visibility is poor. Make sure your headlights and taillights are working properly, as well as your windows and lights.

Report truck driver misconduct that is unsafe. Take note of the vehicle’s registration number if you witness a commercial truck speeding, driving erratically, driving without the proper equipment, or driving violently. Preventing future accidents may be accomplished by making a phone call or sending a written notification. And always hire a truck crash lawyer