July 25, 2024


The Legal System

Episode 102: DWI Master David Teddy


Today we continue our DWI Masters Series, with longtime Shelby attorney David Teddy. If you are looking for the Trial Notebook for a North Carolina DWI Defense Lawyer, David Teddy is the author. Teddy’s North Carolina DWI Trial Notebook is now in its third edition and the go to defense manual for DWI lawyers in North Carolina. David is a lawyer’s lawyer; frequently teaching other members of the criminal defense bar how to improve their DWI Defense based on his incredible knowledge and experience that has spanned three decades.


Listen to David talk about how his involvement on the debate team at the University of Tennessee sparked his interest in law and how he talked his way into law school.


Get David’s best practices for preparing your DWI case and client for court.


Uncover how David began to concentrate in DWI defense and the self-education process he went through to prepare himself to defend clients facing a DWI.


Learn how David uses confirmation bias when attacking the PBT and standardized field sobriety tests performed by the officer.


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