May 30, 2024


The Legal System

Episode 112: Attacking RAS – Premature Stop & Normal Driving Behavior


On today’s episode, Jake discusses two common techniques to assault realistic suspicion in impaired driving cases. 1st, Jake talks about how to argue that the officer has prematurely stopped your shopper. 2nd, Jake points out the worth of arguing that your client’s driving fell within just the broad vary of standard driving actions. If the website traffic halt is not dependent on the observation of a statutory violation, these two arguments are possible to implement to your situation.


Learn what the NHTSA guide lays out as the possibilities for an officer who is determining regardless of whether or not to halt a vehicle suspected of DWI.


Listen to Jake explore how to articulate that the officer’s ideal class of motion was to proceed to follow the auto alternatively of stopping it because the standard for RAS contains on the lookout at the halt as a result of the eyes of a “cautious officer.”


Learn some of the situations that have appeared at driving by means of the lens of “conduct slipping in the wide range of normal driving actions.”


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