June 15, 2024


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Glimpse of Family Law

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In this systematic world, people are running with heavy work in between us that we forget about our family, leading to misunderstanding. Misunderstanding reflects in the problem, and this is the leading cause. Here anyone knows about family law? The answer will result in fifty-fifty. Here let me know about this in detail.

About Family Law :

Family law is meant for problem-solving, and lawyers are the guider for our issue. In the 1970s, the law was raised in India. Our magistrate legally does the superb examination and redefinition for a relationship like Adoption, Divorce, Child custody, etc. We have to know a certain degree of the norm for our dignity, and it too affects our aspects of society. But at the same point, we people didn’t know about the family law we should be aware of and have to know about that in detail.

A day that makes changes in family law:

Legal aid act came into operation on 30th July 1949,

Divorce Reform act on 1st January 1971 and Matrimonial Proceeding and property act in 1970 and Children Act on 14th October 1989 started.

Types of law:

Adoption law :

In India, children are the future stepping stone right. Meanwhile, half of the children are in the correct zone, but balance children? What about them …This sarcastic to hear there are 60,000 children who are unsaved. Adoption is the second chance to save them. There are some criteria and producers to proceed with this process. We people have to follow the rules for adoption so be aware of it.

What is adoption?

Adopting a child by full permission of a court with the legal agreement is know to be adoption. 


A woman(surrogate mother) is ready to bear a child for another individual, and the individual becomes a parent after the infant’s birth. The individual settles the amount for that surrogate mother for her healthy state.

What is surrogacy?

If a child born through this process will have citizenship of its surrogate mother, our Indian court has given this judgment. Your lawyers will explain further details.

Divorce :

Legal dismissal of marriage is named to be Divorce. If the married couple feels inconvenient with their partner, they can proceed through the court with their legal advisor.

Divorce with the mutual agreement:

Both are ready to move on without any issue is known to be a mutual agreement. The parties fill this petition before the magistrate through their advocate by a section 13-B.

Contested Divorce: 

Her/His anyone raising for the divorce with huge reason mean is know to be Contested Divorce.

And the resin will be explained by the lawyer and further procedure will be done.

Child custody:

The divorce occurred means most sufferings are their children. It will affect them mentally, and even it affects their education too. Meanwhile, they miss the care and love from both sides—child custody means who should take care of and who should do all welfare for them. Our honorable court gives the right solution to them. According to his/her interest, judgment will be done affordably because their children should not be affected by any issue. And their life too so important correct statement will be given at the end of the case.

For the welfare of children, include safekeeping of the child, ethical and economic conditions needed, and giving a good education all this are recognized by the judicial.

Types in child custody :

1.physical custody – Is all about were children to live and who take care of them and health issue, etc.

2. Joint custody – Both of them should take care of all welfare for children employing joint.

3.Legal custody – Like joint, both of them should care legally without any issues plus both of them want to that without any queries.

Who can claim? Father or Mother of the child can claim for the child-custody. But our Honourable court decision always is a reminder of the child’s life and the case will be idle for them.