June 24, 2024


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How a Skilled Arlington Heights Criminal Lawyer Can Help

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Regardless of whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime, it is important to seek legal representation as soon as possible. An Arlington Heights criminal lawyer can help you understand your charges and raise any available defenses.

Having a criminal record can be devastating and can impact your future in many ways. You may find it difficult to secure employment, obtain loans and get into college with a criminal conviction on your record.

Drug Charges

Drug crimes can have serious repercussions for the accused, and our Arlington Heights criminal defense firm can help protect your rights. Our lawyers can also provide guidance to help you turn your life around after a conviction.

The severity of a drug possession charge depends on the substance type and its classification into different “schedules.” From Schedule V drugs, which pose little risk for addiction or abuse to Schedule I drugs, the most serious, the law sets out a sliding scale of penalties.

Having an experienced Arlington Heights drug defense lawyer on your side can be invaluable during this process, and Buchmiller Criminal Law, LLC is ready to get to work. Our legal team can represent you during status hearings and a trial. They can challenge evidence, ensure that police followed all the proper procedures during the search and seizure of your property, and that any statements you made were properly Mirandized. We can also fight to have any illegally obtained evidence thrown out of court.

Domestic Violence Charges

If you are accused of domestic violence, it can damage your reputation and limit your access to housing and employment. A criminal lawyer in Arlington Heights, IL, can help you fight these charges and protect your freedom and future opportunities.

Domestic violence is a broad term and includes any assault, battery, or other physical act against a family member or romantic partner. It also covers threatening acts that may lead to violence, such as stalking or repeated harassment. If police find that any of these actions occurred, they may arrest the accused and issue a restraining order, which can prevent them from contacting the victim or going near their home for a specified period of time.

A good criminal defense attorney can challenge these allegations by raising doubt about the evidence. He or she can question the police and examine whether they properly Mirandized you before obtaining your statement. He or she can also look at your rights to privacy and liberty and see if any of these were violated during the investigation.

DUI Charges

A criminal conviction of any kind can have a rippling effect on your life. A conviction for a DUI, especially, can result in jail time, fines, community service, probation, suspension of your driver’s license, alcohol/substance abuse treatment and can impact your auto insurance rates, employment, admission into graduate schools etc.

As a former Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney who prosecuted hundreds of DUI cases, our Arlington Heights criminal lawyer has the experience, knowledge, care and judgment to help you beat your DUI charges. He understands how prosecutors think and knows the law, local courts and the judicial process and will find loopholes to get your case dismissed or win your case at trial.

It is important to remember that you have the right to remain silent when approached by police officers. Never discuss anything with the authorities without your criminal defense attorney present. Even seemingly innocent comments can be used against you in court. Even if you only have a misdemeanor, you can still be facing jail time, fines and probation.

Misdemeanor Charges

Getting accused of a crime is a very stressful experience. Not only does it have immediate consequences like jail time and fines, but it can also wreak havoc on personal relationships and careers as the arrest and conviction appear on your record.

A skilled Arlington Heights criminal lawyer will make it easier to navigate this challenging period in your life and protect your rights. A skilled attorney has spent years learning how to defend clients charged with a variety of crimes and can anticipate the prosecution’s tactics, which puts them one step ahead.

If law enforcement wants to call you in for questioning, exercise your right to remain silent and ask for an attorney immediately. You are not obligated to give statements and any innocent comments could be used against you later in court. An experienced Arlington Heights criminal defense attorney at The Jordan Law Firm can be by your side to help you fight the charges.