May 28, 2024


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I’m A Busy Mom, My Christmas Tree Hack Makes Hanging Lights So Simple And Even Easier To Remove Them After The Holidays

A BUSY mom has revealed the Christmas tree hack that makes hanging lights so simple.

TikToker Tamara Weatherbee, who uses the handle @tamara_weatherbee on the app, said her light hanging hack makes it even easier to remove tree lights after the holidays.

A busy mom revealed a time-saving Christmas hackCredit: TikTok/@tamara_weatherbee

The hack has become a widespread way of decorating

The hack has become a widespread way of decoratingCredit: TikTok/@tamara_weatherbee

Weatherbee kicked off her video by letting everyone who wraps their lights around the tree know her tip was for them.

Changing the game of the entire classic “wrap-around” the Christmas Tree method of putting on lights, Weatherbee instead suggested fans work from the top to bottom of the tree.

“This is a Christmas lights hack I learned last year that has changed the way I put my lights on my tree,” said Weatherbee.

“Start at the bottom and instead of going around the tree, go back and forth all the way up the tree.

“Then grab your next set of lights and do the next section starting at the top so you can plug the lights in together.

“This makes for an easy removal when Christmas is over.”

In the caption of her video, Weatherbee admitted that ” so many people” made fun of her because they already knew the hack.

However, some fans in the comments seemed to appreciate the tip.

“Genius!” one said.

“Dang it! I needed to watch this a day sooner lol,” another lamented.

Despite these kind comments, others took it upon themselves to tell Weatherbee how familiar they were with the hack.

“Nobody wraps them around the tree,” one commenter said.

“I’ve been doing this for years! People don’t do this?” a different person asked.

“I go up and down, been doing that since I moved on my own at 19!!” a final person said.

Weatherbee makes parenting content for her nearly 450,000 followers and has almost 12million likes.

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