July 13, 2024


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In Support of a Young America First Scapegoat, by Michelle Malkin

In Support of a Young America First Scapegoat, by Michelle Malkin

Upcoming 7 days, a young college student will encounter a federal decide in Washington, D.C., at a sentencing listening to about his nonviolent participation in the Jan. 6 Capitol rally. UCLA undergrad Christian Secor was arrested last February and used a lot more than a month in solitary confinement. Consider about that.

Unlike the weekly parade of repeat violent criminal rapists, robbers, pedophiles and murderers throughout the state with substantial rap sheets who delight in a no-bail revolving doorway, Christian experienced hardly ever, at any time been in issues with the legislation right before his arrest.

The un-American Office of Injustice has made daily life hell for hundreds of tranquil Trump rally members — locking them up, throwing absent the key, harassing their families, withholding proof and obliterating their constitutional rights to stifle dissent, punish the Democrats’ political enemies and weaponize J6 till kingdom occur. Really do not consider my word for it. A D.C. magistrate overseeing some of the situations, Zia Faruqui, decried the gargantuan prosecutions of just about 900 defendants, which includes at least two People in america who had been remaining to languish in custody following remaining “lost” for months with out scheduled hearings.

“It feels like the governing administration has bitten off much more than it can chew in this article,” Faruqui complained in March.

Indeed, the vengeful federal beast has an insatiable urge for food and bottomless resources to destroy life. The D.C. witch-hunt prosecutors threw a pile of expenses at Christian that created sensational headlines, which includes “assaulting, resisting or impeding officers,” as liberal National Community Radio claimed. Christian pleaded not guilty to all prices in March 2021 but, 14 wearying months afterwards, entered an settlement to plead guilty to a single felony demand of “obstructing a federal continuing.”

Below is what I wrote to the judge in Christian’s scenario, the Honorable Trevor McFadden, to share what I know about this shiny younger guy as he faces up to 20 many years in jail up coming 7 days.

Dear Judge McFadden,

My name is Michelle Malkin and I am creating on behalf of Christian Secor, whom you will sentence on October 19, 2022. I am a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, investigative journalist, creator of 7 publications, campus speaker, and mentor to numerous young conservative activists across the state for the past 30 a long time.

In November 2019, I to start with satisfied Christian in advance of providing a speech at UCLA sponsored by the Bruin Republicans. I quickly identified him to be well mannered, witty, and very intelligent. He shown broad and deep awareness of earth affairs. We share identical views as passionate defenders of American sovereignty and unapologetic nationalism. I saw or communicated with Christian many times involving the drop of 2019 and the slide of 2020. He was constructively engaged in student activism on campus locally and in aiding to unite conservative college students nationally on immigration and community health and fitness and security concerns as the pandemic era erupted.

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Recognizing my adore of the outdoor, Christian sent me a attractive mountain and rainbow photograph from his summer months 2020 vacation in flyover state. He thoughtfully messaged to desire me delighted birthday in October 2020. Four months later on, I acquired of his arrest and the stunning 40 days he put in in solitary confinement.

A non-violent college or university kid with zero felony history held in isolation for 40 days? This isn’t the The usa my immigrant dad and mom from the Philippines assumed they were having when they remaining an authoritarian routine that jailed political opponents and punished student activists.

Under no circumstances in any of my conversations or interactions with Christian did he at any time convey assist for violence.

Under no circumstances in any of my conversations or interactions with Christian did he at any time categorical any sentiments of “racism,” “Nazism,” “white supremacy,” “fascism,” or “insurrection.”

As a veteran journalist who has worked in newspapers and on Television set for the past three many years, as perfectly as an World wide web entrepreneur who started two influential political information and impression web sites, I am deeply disturbed by the distorted media profiles of Christian that have baselessly savaged his character and remodeled him from a peacefully provocative college student activist into some form of hazardous agent provocateur. This is patently untrue and unjust.

I have an understanding of Christian has pled responsible to 1 felony demand of “obstructing a federal continuing.”

I also have an understanding of that Christian did not carry any weapons, contact an officer, or overlook any law enforcement requests. I have an understanding of he walked in a door that Capitol police opened and then stepped aside. I fully grasp that following coming into the principal Senate ground, he was told by a law enforcement officer to depart — and he dutifully complied.

Judge McFadden, I ask that justice be served in Christian’s case by granting him probation and permitting this 24-12 months-outdated to proceed his academic pursuits in independence instead of continuing to serve as a political scapegoat driving bars. Thank you for thinking about this letter of support.

Pray for sanity and justice to prevail in this situation and so a lot of other individuals however suffering in solitude and silence. End-phase America’s victims are legion.

Michelle Malkin’s email tackle is [email protected]