July 24, 2024


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Internet Slams Mother-in-Law Who Announced Pregnancy Before Couple Could


The internet is backing a woman who snapped at her mother-in-law for announcing their pregnancy behind her back in a new viral post.

Published to Reddit‘s infamous “AmITheA**hole” forum, a woman, u/Fallen-Grace5656, asked the question, “AITA for yelling at my husband’s mother for announcing my pregnancy using my husband’s facebook account?” The popular post has over 13,000 upvotes and 2,000 comments.

The 23-year-old Reddit user found out she was pregnant. However, the couple was in the midst of a decision whether or not they would go forward with the pregnancy.

In September 2021, Texas passed Senate Bill 8, officially banning abortions after about six weeks. Many people don’t find out they’re pregnant until after six weeks, according to Planned Parenthood.

This type of law allows anyone to sue people who were involved in or went through the procedure of an abortion. The people who sued can be awarded $10,000. Similar laws have been proposed in other states, with the first copycat law being passed in Idaho on March 23.

couple finding out their pregnant
A Redditor took to the “AmITheA**hole” forum to share her story on why she thinks she’s the a**hole as she snapped at her mother-in-law for announcing their pregnancy before they were ready.
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She explained to her husband that she wanted to keep it a secret for a while until they made a decision. Unfortunately for her, her husband told his mother, but told her not to tell anyone.

Shortly after, she was stunned to find out that her mother-in-law got into her son’s Facebook account and announced the news while pretending to be u/Fallen-Grace5656’s husband.

“I was floored I called her and she said she figured if she made the announcement using one of our social media accounts then we won’t mind and it’d still look like we made the announcement. But like I stated earlier, we’re still trying to make a decision,” she wrote.

After snapping at her in-law, telling her that she “overstepped and messed up” it made her cry.

Her husband wasn’t happy about the argument that happened between her and his mom.

She said: “I told him his mom violated our privacy and put us in more pressure to finally make a decision for the baby since the family are now calling to say ‘congratulations’, He said that it was his fb so none of my privacy was ‘violated’ and that I shouldn’t have yelled and hurt her feelings and made her cry no matter what, period.”

Her husband wants her to apologize to his mom.

“NTA. Quite frankly, you need to truly consider if you want to have a child with this man, because this behavior (his, and his mother’s) is only a wind-up. It will get worse,” u/LetThemEatHay wrote in the top comment with 23,000 upvotes.

“NTA. Abortion and divorce,” u/Anon02450 said.

“NTA – YOU have a problem larger than your pregnancy! You have a Momma boy, NOT a husband,” u/Smitty_80013 exclaimed, “Secondly, how on earth does she have is FG Password? Terminate the marriage and decide later about the pregnancy.”

“NTA And I’d reconsider the marriage. You don’t want to raise a kid with a man who will side with his mother under any circumstances. Parenting with a partner is tough enough… parenting with a partner who defers to mommy is impossible,” u/canuck_2022 explained.


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