June 19, 2024


The Legal System

Kansas advocacy group say law criminalizes voter registration drives


Attorneys for voter advocacy groups want the Kansas Appeals Court to block a Kansas election law as the August primary election approaches.

Four voter advocacy organizations are asking appeals court judges to block a Kansas election law ahead of the August primary.

The League of Women Voters Kansas, Loud Light, Kansas Appleseed and Topeka Independent Living Resource Center are asking the Kansas Court of Appeals for an injunction against provisions in HB 2183 they contend criminalize voter registration drives.

Hal Brewster, attorney for the plaintiffs, said the groups have stopped much of their work out of fear of prosecution.

“The other night when KU cut down the nets in New Orleans and there was a party like you’ve never seen on Mass Street in Lawrence, Loud Light should have been out there registering voters, and they weren’t,” Brewster said. “They weren’t there because they thought they would get prosecuted. And that is in a county where the DA has said she’s not going to prosecute because it’s unconstitutional.”


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