May 28, 2024


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Life in Lviv continues amid widespread blackouts as shops and bars keep serving

Businesses and residents in the Ukrainian city of Lviv are adapting to life in the dark and the cold, using candles and torches as they go about their everyday lives.

The city has experienced four days of scheduled and unpredicted blackouts in the aftermath of Russia’s targeted attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

Many parts of the country are facing a winter of sub-zero temperatures without heating, running water or electricity. However, in Lviv, morale is high as shops and bars continue to function.

“Because of the electricity being turned off, we have found our own recipe for happiness,” says Roman, a bartender who has adapted well to the situation, “people around candles are much kinder, they talk to each other much more.”

Roman says the candlelight provides for a romantic atmosphere.  

“We don’t close the doors. We adapt. People come with their guitars, and drink tequila with us. The kitchen does not work very well. But no one goes hungry” he explains.

While Yuriy a shopkeeper says, “we help ourselves with flashlights. When the bank terminal doesn’t work, we make transfers to the card. And we write the bank receipts by hand”.

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