September 30, 2023


The Legal System

Matt Taibbi’s reaction to corporate media trashing him over #TwitterFiles is quite simply PERFECTION –

Matt Taibbi’s reaction to corporate media trashing him over #TwitterFiles is quite simply PERFECTION –

Matt Taibbi made history in real-time on Twitter Friday night. Telling the story about what Twitter did in order to basically help sway an election by supporting the suppression of a major story is no small feat. Add to that how disgusting and obnoxious the useless corporate media has treated him since breaking this story in a historic way, and Taibbi may well be the most popular account on Twitter right now.

Second only to Elon Musk himself.

Luckily, Taibbi is handling the slings and arrows quite well.

His reaction here is a ‘chef’s kiss’:

Someone should probably get corporate media a mirror or two.

Heck, maybe a dozen mirrors at this point.

Musk stated it would take another day or so … we are keeping an eye on things.

Some strange (shady) things have definitely been happening at the Circle K.

We’d bet ALL of them.

They’ve also relied on social media to be their canned applause track, laugh track.

It’s all changing under Musk.

Indeed. While some are focusing on the claim that MUH BIDEN WASN’T PRESIDENT SO IT WASN’T GOVERNMENT narrative, others are pushing the THEY WERE RIGHT TO KEEP PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL OFF THIS SITE.

The more they spin, the more they attack Taibbi, the more we know we’re all over the target.



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