March 4, 2024


The Legal System

Miranda Devine ENDS smug NPR journo scoffing at Hunter Biden story in heated back and forth –

Miranda Devine ENDS smug NPR journo scoffing at Hunter Biden story in heated back and forth –

What’s that old saying again? OH YEAH. Defund NPR.

Friday was probably not the best day for any journalist to whine about other journalists being let go, especially as we were about to learn just how corrupt many of them really are. Oh, we’ve known for a long time that corporate media is basically just the PR arm of the Democratic Party, but what Elon Musk revealed was all too telling. And that so many of them in the media went along with the lie (RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION) some, like NPR, going so far as to refuse to even cover it … yeah.

Not a great look.

Blah blah blah.

Spare us.

Miranda Devine was more than happy to call Folkenflik OUT:

Oh, that’s right.

He responded.

Ummm … is that why NPR said it was a waste of time to cover?

Yeah, no.

Miranda fired back.


So much boom.


More and more media types need to hear those exact words.

Especially since it was not only a real story, but a story that could very well have impacted the 2020 election.


Heck, they were probably promoted with a reference from ‘the big guy’.

The same thing they’ve been doing with COVID and lockdowns.

Doesn’t surprise us in the least.

Oops, and there it is.

How LOVELY of David to tweet such a thing.



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