June 15, 2024


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Personal Injury Law Firms | 4 Secret Tools to Increase Productivity

personal injury law firms

From managing client intakes and active matters to administering tasks and overseeing staff, from keeping client communication secure to tracking expenses and settlements — personal injury attorneys have a lot of pressure to manage it all while still delivering for their clients. To help stay efficient and productive, here are four tools every personal injury law firm should be using to increase productivity, drive revenue and provide an excellent client experience.

1. Harness the Power of Microsoft 365 and CloudLex Case Management Software

Microsoft 365 with CloudLex for Personal Injury law firms is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution designed with the needs of personal injury attorneys in mind.

The suite of tools makes it easier than ever for attorneys to collaborate on cases, manage documents, communicate with clients, and continue using the best-in-class tools your staff is already using.

By seamlessly integrating CloudLex personal injury case management software with Microsoft 365, you can transform MS 365 tools to make them more matter centric in the way your PI firm works. Your MS 365 Calendar, Outlook Emails, and Contacts will automatically sync with CloudLex and you have the freedom to seamless move between the MS 365 Online, desktop applications or stay working in CloudLex.

Pro tip: CloudLex offers free training classes to clients so that they can learn how to use this feature effectively and efficiently.

With CloudLex and the extra security features included with MS 365, you have full control over who sees what in your case files and have the security of storing your documents, emails and more in HIPAA-certified cloud storage.

2. “One Click Intake to Matter” Management Software to Increase Revenue for your Personal Injury Law Firm

Personal Injury law firms rely heavily on leads and referrals, so PI firms need law firm management software with a robust intake management system.

With an easy-to-use interface and intuitive workflows, the right intake software helps PI attorneys manage the flow of new clients through the intake process and allows them to easily identify potential clients, track leads, and refer out cases they reject. Track plaintiffs’ and third-party (medical service provider, insurance provider, police, court, etc.) contact information and records, as well as provide a detailed client profile that can promote the attorney’s services to potential clients.

At CloudLex, we know how important it is to convert prospective clients into active cases as quickly as possible. That’s why we created Intake Manager, our secure cloud-based legal client intake software that makes it easy for you to share intuitive intake forms with potential clients, saving time and making onboarding new clients easier than ever. Your clients will fill out their own intake forms and upload supporting documents from anywhere in the world.

Intake Manager also provides your team with the tools they need to easily convert intakes into active matters in a single click. And because it’s cloud-based, all documents, information, and communication (text or email) collected during the intake process will automatically transfer to the active matter without duplicate entry.

Here are a few other key benefits of CloudLex’s Intake Manager:

a) Capture paperless intake using cloud-based intake forms on your website or via a shared, secure link.
b) Follow up with leads at the right time.
c) Automate client intake tasks with Workflows.
d) Manage plaintiff information, documents, contacts, and events related to the intake in one place.
e) Get action-oriented insights into your personal injury practice.
f) Translate intake data into strategies that work with powerful reporting.

3. Intuitive Settlement Calculator Built for Personal Injury

The process of negotiating a settlement for the injuries sustained in an accident is complicated. On top of trying to figure out how much pain and suffering is “worth,” you’re also dealing with insurance companies and other parties submitting their own figures. That’s why PI firms need a sophisticated Personal Injury settlement calculator which offers them all the features to handle complex calculations in one place. An intuitive and powerful settlement calculator that is tied to your case management software will allow you to:

  1. Track demands and offers. Log offers from adjusters against plaintiff’s insurance and track payment requests and expenses for each injury type (e.g., car accident, lost wages, property damage, special damages).
  2.  Log every negotiation. Quickly analyze both gross and deducted calculations for each negotiation with the help of CloudLex’s personal injury settlement calculator. Once the calculations are marked final, CloudLex intuitively gives recovery amounts for all parties.
  3. Get a bird’s-eye view of all your cases. Analyze settlement amounts (including outstanding and paid amounts), demands, offers, and closing dates, all on one platform used to manage your entire firm.

We know how hard it can be to manage documents and tasks at a personal injury firm: the constant influx of information, the constant change in deadlines, and the endless stress of trying to make sure everything’s in order. But, with these automation tools, you don’t have to worry about any of that anymore.

These tools offer several benefits:

  1. CloudLex’s Matter Manager helps you in creating, storing, and managing your documents, online or offline, with a seamless integration with robust and scalable Microsoft 365 tools.
  2. Find documents, emails, notes, videos, text messages, and more within seconds with the Advanced AI Search tool, and don’t waste hours of your time combing through piles of documents and inboxes.
  3. Create and send documents to clients for electronic signatures by email using Adobe Sign or DocuSign for law firms, which securely saves the matter in CloudLex.
  4. Seamlessly integrate with popular storage software like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., so your documents are always where you need them.
  5. Create a custom personal injury workflow that automates repetitive tasks and events at various matters and client intake stages.
  6. Automatically assign predefined tasks with specific due dates.
  7. Get reminders whenever you log in and reminder emails as an added protection against missed deadlines.
  8. Set any routine tasks into a legal workflow automation and assign them to necessary team members.
  9. Have an overview of all outstanding tasks and deadlines so your firm never misses an important date again.

CloudLex partners with personal injury law firms and provides them with innovative technology, actionable insights and expertise to build, manage and grow their practice. We intimately understand that the contingency fee model demands courage, competence, and confidence, and know that personal injury law firms have unique issues that require hyper-focused solutions. We are 100% committed to the civil litigation space and our strategic partnership with Microsoft ensures that you have a trustworthy technology backbone to securely scale your practice, making it future-ready.

Discover why thousands of personal injury attorneys see a 19% average increase in case volume and rely on CloudLex to run a more successful, profitable personal injury firm. Learn more!

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