April 16, 2024


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Peters makes play to lead state GOP as second worker agrees to testify against her

It looks like Colorado Republicans are doing what so many Republicans do best in the face of defeat — make matters it worse.

Just to refresh on winning strategies, a splintered party that attacks itself and pulls each other down like crabs into a boiling pot of hot death is the very opposite of success.

Calling fellow conservatives a bunch of treacherous whores — also not the path to future victory.

But there was Tina Peters and her followers on Wednesday, standing on the back of a pick-up truck in front of state party headquarters, mouthing off blame and shame and pointing fingers at everyone but themselves while propping up Peters as the next party chairwoman.

Just to refresh, Peters lost the Republican Party primary for Secretary of State with just over 180,000 votes out of about one million active Republican voters.

That’s not a party mandate.

And besides, Tina has her own very serious problems she needs to focus on, like her approaching trial in March that conflicts with state party elections.

It should not be lost on Republicans that Peters’ pickup truck rally coincided with the news that her former elections manager had pled guilty to two charges related to election equipment tampering and agreed to testify against her former boss.

This is the second former elections office worker to plead guilty to charges relating to Peters’ case, while agreeing to testify against Peters.

Tina is in some serious trouble, and she needs to get a grip on her own reality and leave the reorganization of the state party to someone who can move the GOP forward beyond the 2020 election.