May 29, 2024


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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Family Law Attorney

10 Questions to Ask a Family Court Lawyer Before Hiring

The divorce lawyer you hire can affect how fast the case gets settled. A good lawyer will do things fast and close the case as fast as possible. There are lots of lawyers so you must know how to pick the right one. So, before you hire a lawyer, you will need to ask him a few questions to evaluate his ability to handle your case.

How Many Divorce Cases You Handle Recently?

When you ask this question, make sure the lawyer tells you the number of cases he has handled in the most recent past year. If the lawyer is good, he should receive a lot of businesses that year. That way, you can tell if the Tulsa divorce lawyer is qualified to handle the divorce cases. If he only handles a few cases, he is probably inexperienced and you should look for another lawyer.

How Many Cases Have You Settled Out of Court?

You want to know out of the many cases the lawyer handles, how many were settled out of court. This question is important if you are looking for settlement instead of taking the case to the court. Settling the case out of court will help you to save money.

Are you familiar with the Local Family Court?

To win a case, the lawyer you hire must be familiar with the people that work in the local family court. The judge will be likely to grant a favourable verdict if the lawyer knows how to talk to him and persuade him about your case. This means a lawyer must be familiar with the court regulations and procedures to ensure he doesn’t say the wrong thing or present the case in the wrong way to the judge.

Are You Experienced in Negotiating for Financial Settlements?

This question is important if you are seeking financial settlements such as child and spousal support. The lawyer can calculate the financial settlements based on the income available for alimony. He will be evaluating several factors including the factors set by the court when calculating the settlement.

Will You Be Handling My Case?

Not every lawyer will give all his attention to the case. Some lawyers will delegate the case to an assistant in the firm. It is best if you can find a lawyer that will personally handle your case. This means you can call him when you have questions and he will quickly attend to all the issues you told him. At the very least, you should find a lawyer that allows you to contact him directly now and then.

Will I Be Informed of the Progress of the Case?

The lawyer you hire should inform you of the progress of the case. Some people prefer an update for every detail of the progress of the case while others prefer updating only on the more important information on the case. The lawyer should also send you copies of documents about the case. The documents are needed for referencing during legal battles for the case.