June 24, 2024


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Successful Israeli UFC Fighter Just Gave A Direct Warning To Kanye West

Successful Israeli UFC Fighter Just Gave A Direct Warning To Kanye West

After defeating Genaro Valdez on Saturday night by unanimous decision, UFC fighter Natan Levy sent a message to Kanye West. Following a spectacular performance in the Contender Series in 2020, the Israeli was signed by MMA’s top organization, and in Orlando, he earned his third UFC victory.

Levy, a Jew, addressed Ye during his post-fight press conference. Ye recently made headlines for making antisemitic remarks that resulted in him being banned from several social media sites.

The singer was welcomed back to Twitter after Elon Musk acquired it, only to face a new suspension after appearing on a podcast and praising Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. In an interview that has now gone viral, West said earlier this week that Hitler was being unfairly demonized by the media when he appeared on The Alex Jones Show.


Hitler in particular, he claimed, “had something of value that they brought to the table.

“I agree that Hitler had some merits. I cherish everyone. Jews won’t tell me that I can love them and that I can love what we’re doing to you with the contracts and the pornography that we’re selling.

“But you can’t say out loud that this guy who built motorways and the same microphone that I use as a musician ever achieved anything nice, and I’m done with that,” the artist said.

I believe life is too short to hate, therefore to all these horrible people, it stinks for you, Levy retorted. I feel sorry for you. Come see me, Kanye West, if you have a problem with me or my followers.


The 31-year-old said that since West started spewing ugly remarks about the Jewish community, there has been an increase in antisemitism, and he has personally experienced this.

“Believe me, I’ve seen it. I frequently receive many wonderful DMs, Levy continued.

“I am Jewish; it is who I am and how I was created. I will fight for it because I’m quite proud of it. In the octagon or elsewhere, if necessary, I will defend my people.

“I won’t tolerate antisemitism in any form. I won’t tolerate racism in my immediate environment. If you bully anyone around me, I’ll find you.




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