April 19, 2024


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The Republican Party’s Silence About Donald Trump Dining With Scumbag Anti-Semite, Holocaust Denier Nick Fuentes And The Hater Of Jews Kanye West Is An

The Republican Party’s Silence About Donald Trump Dining With Scumbag Anti-Semite, Holocaust Denier Nick Fuentes And The Hater Of Jews Kanye West Is An

The Donald Trump base proclaim it’s his tax cuts for the rich, his cruel immigration policies, and his industry de-regulations that they support, not his racist, fascist ideology. However, like Trump, they are lying. Trump has embraced white supremacy hate groups and has used hate- based rhetoric that can now be connected to a rise in violent crimes against Jews, blacks, LGBTQ community members and other minorities. The attraction that millions of people have to the hateful, corrupt, bigoted autocrat Trump is as frightening and threatening to America as the original “America First” 1940’s fascist movement.

Trump supporters who are not racist anti-Semites better acquaint themselves with history.. Trump has been dog-whistling to white supremacist nazis since he became president. He likes violence, especially against groups that he hates and sees as inferior. “America First” was the slogan embraced by the Ku Klux Klan in 1940. Who believes Trump didn’t know that? Why did Trump tell the Proud Boys white supremacist group to “stand back and stand by” during the 2020 presidential debate, (especially while pretending he never heard of the group)? Why was his first act as president to ban all Muslims from entering America? During a 2017 Nazi rally in Charlottesville, why did Trump say “there were good people on both sides?” Why hasn’t Trump publicly denounced each white supremacist group and made it clear he does not share their beliefs and will fight against them and what they stand for if elected president?

Eating dinner with anti-Semitic election deniers is bad enough, however, not denouncing the man and his hateful beliefs is worse. It reveals so much about who Trump is; a man with a history of racist rhetoric, racist governing, emboldening white supremacist hate groups, and admitting to be a ” nationalist” ( conveniently leaving out the word “white” and winking to his base. The consistent mention of the words Nazi, white supremacy, white nationalism and anti-Semitism have 🍯 been referenced more in connection to Donald Trump than to any other president in American history.

The atrocity of Charlottesville is why Joe Biden decided to run for president. He realized Donald Trump was planning to transform America into a white nationalist, racist, dangerous country. He knew if our democracy were led by an autocratic, corrupt racist, American democracy would collapse.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy and Senator Mitch McConnell made general statements today saying ” there is no place in the Republican party for anti-Semitism and white supremacy” and “no one should be meeting with anyone who espouses those sort of beliefs”. Those are popular, non- controversial declarations made easier because they left out the words “Donald Trump”. The Republican leaders are opportunistic sissies afraid to rightfully demonize Trump despite his traiterous actions against our democratic system of government.

In contrast to the emadculated McConnell and McCarthy, Senator Mitt Romney used Trump’s name when he blasted him for the dinner he shared with anti-Semite Nick Fuentes and the mentally erratic Kanye West. Romney responded to reporters questions about Ttump by saying “I don’t think he should be president of the United States. I don’t think he should be the nominee of our party in 2024 and I certainly don’t want him hanging over our party like a gargoyle.” Why can’t the Republucan electorate get behind an ultra- conservative like Romney and dump the insurrection ist ex- president? Romney voted twice a long with democrats and a handful of other Republicans to impeach Trump.

Republicans like Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska are a disgrace to their office. Sasse voted to impeach Trump, and yet has stayed quiet while Trump has far increased his assault on demicracy and decency. Sasse is particularly hypocritical as he has written books on the topic of the importance of morality in our society. Where is Sasse and other GOP members of Congress on the issue of Trump and the MAGA movement? They have passively rolled over and handed their party to Trump and his ctonies. In the long run, their passivity will prove to be as destructive to democracy as Donald Trump and his movement of auticratic hatred.