May 28, 2024


The Legal System

Things Attorneys Should Ask Their Process Servers with Difficult Serves

Process servers play a crucial role in the legal process. However, not all process servers are equally efficient, and some may struggle to deliver service of process effectively, especially when faced with challenges. This can have adverse effects on the timeline, cost, and outcome of your case. Here are some questions you can ask to assess their level of skill and service.

Do They Talk to Their Neighbors and Apartment Managers about the Situation?

Neighbors often possess valuable information about their communities, but approaching them tactfully and indirectly is advisable. They may share insights into daily routines, roommates, or other details if they still reside in the area. Additionally, they might be able to provide information about individuals who have moved, such as whether they are couchsurfing or living with a friend.

Do They Run Vehicle Plates?

Process servers should pay attention to the license plates of vehicles nearby when attempting to serve documents. These plates can provide valuable information. They can help verify if the person you are trying to serve still resides there, or they can help identify other associates.

Does the Service Time Change?

While consistency might seem logical, in the realm of process serving, unpredictability is crucial. If the target suspects they are being served, they’ll likely avoid direct contact. Catching them off guard while they’re in transit provides the process server with an opportunity.

Has the Company Tried Social Media Yet?

Social media is a popular platform for sharing daily activities. By scanning their posts, you can gather valuable information. Look for places like bars, gyms, or restaurants near their workplace. A savvy process server can use these details to enhance their service.

Did They Try a Phone Number or WiFi Address?

While waiting at the front door, servers can try calling the person to see if their phone rings. They can also check the WiFi network name on their phone to confirm the target’s identity.

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