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The Legal System

What is the Purpose of Democracy? To protect the State. – Alton Drew, Consiglieri

What is the Purpose of Democracy? To protect the State. – Alton Drew, Consiglieri

Democracy a doggy bone for the masses.  It is a people management tool designed to legitimize the rule of the State.  The State should remain mindful that its members produce nothing.  Its members accumulate yields and rents from taxes paid and consumption expenditures made by the consumption class.

And while the consumption class may not spend much intellectual energy on the make up of the State, the viability and legitimacy of the State as the governing authority of a jurisdiction depends on how this class is placated.  Does the consumption class view the economy as productive?  Does the consumption class see a labor market that provides not only jobs but a living wage?

Democracy itself is supposed to keep the masses in check by allowing the masses to participate in the electoral process.  The theory is that participating in the process of choosing government’s leaders should result in a more equal and tranquil society.  In exchange for this tranquility, the State has an easier time maintaining its monopoly on extracting taxes and using those revenues for the State’s foreign and domestic expansion.

The purpose of democracy, as a social management tool, is to protect the franchise of the State.  It protects the State by distracting the electorate with campaign promises with short shelf lives and using the courts, media outlets, and academia to sell a narrative to voters.

Democracy can be problematic to the State.  The State’s members are primarily interested in an ordering of society where extraction of energy from society is least interrupted.  This extraction of energy takes the form of government taxes, commercial prices, and bond yields. 

However, government does not produce anything in return for this extracted energy no matter the claims its agents make about job creation and police protection.  Government will claim that it provides protection services that makes the voter’s life better, but for everyone of the services it claims to provide, there is either a private sector alternative provider or, a system of government that may be more efficient in providing a public service.

The current State cannot afford to have an alternative “state of being” vie as a guarantor of protection. A competing ideology leaves no room for adaption. It would only mean total replacement of the current State with another State.  Democracy, if left unchecked, could be used by the electorate to vote into existence another ideology, an ideology that makes the current State obsolete.

Rather than protector of the State, democracy could become a threat.

Alton Drew

4 December 2022

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