June 13, 2024


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Please Help Repair the Cello That I Obliterated When I

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On 23 July this year, I obliterated a cello in the orchestra pit of Buxton Opera House by falling off the stage on top of it. You can read the gory details HERE.


CelloI was lucky to have landed on the cello. If it hadn’t been there my injuries would have been far worse. Indeed, I could have been paralysed or even killed. As it was, my knees were badly damaged to the extent that I was unable to walk for several days, then spent a month on crutches. My left knee is now recovered but the right knee had a grade three ligament tear and is still not right. I walk like an old man, and as I write this I have to say I don’t think it will ever be normal.

I am posting this appeal to help the owner of the Cellist repair the Cello which was made in the early 18th century, I’ll hand over to him now so he can tell the full story.

Iain’s fall off the stage in the Buxton Festival resulted in my cello being damaged so heavily that it has been written off by my insurance company. I find it reassuring to know that my cello played a significant part in lessening the injuries he sustained – Iain himself says he may have been killed had he not landed on it. However, it has been devastating for me to have my cello virtually destroyed and my sound and identity as a performer wiped out in an instant. As musicians, we search long and hard for a connection to the instruments that we play – this was my cello and my sound. Below is a link to a recording I made on the cello in 2015: 

Amazingly my cello can be repaired, but doing so presents too many risks for me to be able to afford without raising extra funds to do so.. Unfortunately, I need to look for a new instrument in order to continue my career as a cellist, but I would dearly love to bring this instrument, my identity as a musician and 300 year old piece of history back to life again. 

I am very conscious that we find ourselves in difficult and challenging times, but I would be so grateful for any support, no matter how small. Every contribution will bring me closer to the point where I can bring my cello back to life. Thank you in advance if you are able to help, I value it hugely.

I hope that if you’ve got this far you will consider contributing to Tim’s Repair Fund HERE.

This is what it will look like when it is repaired.