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The #1 Often Overlooked Law Of Attraction Rule That’ll Get You The Guy


woman wishing on bubbles

woman wishing on bubbles

Every new year, we’re faced with infinite possibilities of what it is we could create.

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We make long lists of what it is we want to accomplish, or we create colorful vision boards that help us support our goals.

However, none of these things will bear much fruit if we don’t connect to the feeling we want to experience once we reach our goal.

When you tune into the feeling of an intention, you activate the law of attraction.

Intentions without a feeling attached to them can seem vague and open to the universe’s interpretation, which sometimes ends up delivering you a result that is less than satisfactory. Tuning into the emotion will ensure that you are really getting what you are after.

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Here’s how to reframe your intentions using the law of attraction that will help you reach your goals:

1. Make smarter career goal affirmations that will leave you feeling fulfilled.

For example, you may have set yourself the goal to find a job where you will earn $100,000 and will receive benefits. While you now may be able to pay your bills with this, this job may be the most soul-sucking job you’ve ever held.

So let’s reframe this to: This year I will work in a field that is connected to my soul’s purpose. I feel like I’m contributing to making this world a better place on a daily basis. I feel that my income reflects my efforts and takes care of my expenses, as well as allows me to create savings. I feel blessed to go to work every day.

2. Allow your relationship goals to come to life by focusing on meaningfulness.

For your relationship goal, you may have said: I’m going to take my partner on a date every Friday night.

You may reach this goal by going to a weekly dinner and a movie but this can easily turn into a rut, or something less than you had hoped for. While you can aim to go on a weekly date, ask yourself what it is you truly want to experience when you are on this date.

Then reframe the goal to something like this: This year I want to build a deep connection with my partner. We spend time together on a weekly basis, feeling inspired, joyous, and in love. We try out new things and enjoy learning together.

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3. Grow your savings with security and stability in mind, not numbers.

You may have set your goal for the year to build your savings to a certain amount this year. However, what most of us are yearning for when it comes to savings is a sense of security and safety. The amount you are building may not make you feel either of those things.

So ask yourself how you want to feel when it comes to your finances and reframe your goals to something like this: this year I am able to feel safe and secure when I think about my finances. I feel that I make more than what I need and can give some away without feeling lacking. I’m excited about how steadily my savings are increasing.

4. Add detail to your travel goals to ensure the experience is valuable.

Your travel goal may sound like this: This year I will take a trip to Machu Picchu. You may get there, pick up a horrible stomach bug, experience torrential rains, and wish you had never left your home, let alone your bed.

So while you can put Machu Picchu on your list, emphasize how you want to feel on that trip: This year I will travel to Machu Picchu with my family, where I will experience an awesome hike, eat delicious Peruvian food that agrees with me and feel the sense of wonder and awe amid the ruins of which everyone speaks.

5. Reframe health goals to center around well-being rather than weight loss.

Almost all people, who set personal goals for the year, include one about getting healthier. There’s nothing like the New Year that allows us to feel the opportunity of new beginnings.

So you may list: I’m going to lose 20 lbs. by June. Unfortunately, many people, even if they lose those 20 lbs, gain them back rapidly. It’s because we think that losing a specific number of pounds will automatically induce all the things we attach to them.

So why not go straight for the things we want? Reframe your vision to state: This year I want to feel energized and healthy. I want to find physical activities I look forward to doing on a daily basis. I feel mentally clear and well-balanced. When I think about my body image this year, I feel beautiful, respected, safe, and loved.

Once you have clarified your vision for your year, spend some time with it each day. Read over it, or look at your vision board (get my free guide to creating a vision board here). 

Then, spend time experiencing the feeling that you are trying to attract as if it had already manifested.

The more you can connect with the feelings of your goals, the sooner you can allow them to manifest.

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Selina Schuh is an educator, author, speaker, and owner of Empowered Living Strategies. She teaches women who are feeling frustrated and under-appreciated in their relationships step-by-step skills to create deeply connected relationships. 


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