April 19, 2024


The Legal System

The Impact of Voice Search on the Legal Industry


On today’s episode Jake discusses the changing landscape of legal marketing and branding with the advent of voice search. Advances in AI voice technology is generating more and more searches by voice command. Lawyers need to prepare for an age where a potential client searches for legal services by voice command and understand the basics by which that voice technology is operating.


Meet your two best referral partners in the coming years of your law practice: Siri and Alexa


Learn how AI is responding to requests for services (including legal services) and how to rise to the top of voice search inquiries.


Discover the comeback of referral-based marketing and why building your brand and referral sources are so important in the age of voice search.


Uncover why there are no shortcuts in winning in the age of voice search and the importance of building a world class client experience.


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