June 25, 2024


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Wonkette Weekend Chat Holiday Fire Sale!

Wonkette Weekend Chat Holiday Fire Sale!

It’s the first Sunday in December, and I’ve already finished my Christmas shopping. I don’t mess around. Sammy Davis Jr. sang “It’s Christmas Time All Over The World,” which is somewhat culturally insensitive, but it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas outside my window.

Of course, if it was cold and snowy when Jesus was born, he would’ve died of exposure. Then his ghost would’ve haunted inns and hotels every year, but that feels more like Halloween. Someone should write the alternate reality holiday special

But enough about the weather! I assume we’ll discuss the latest Herschel Walker scandal before we can ideally stop thinking about Herschel Walker. If you live in Georgia and haven’t voted already, please do. Take nothing for granted! I don’t enjoy the Herschel Walker beat.

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